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ISA BAGNO is “the strength of the experience”, an experience grown in half century of research on the materials, on the techniques of workmanship, for the most effective realizations and aesthetical solutions.
But ISA is also an experience matured in the history of the places, Tuscany, beautiful rich earth of medieval castles and Renaissance villas, an orderly landscape, in which the growth and the industrial development have conferred to the whole territory a protagonist role and a new face, is social, that economic, that cultural.
In this picture the run of the firm is developed, centered on the evolution of the tendencies, strengthened by a careful commercial and distributive strategy.




Art and Craft


Flexiblity, artistic contamination and creativity are words representing the concept of “Bagno&More”. It’s a new Isa Bagno project , using single elements to create individual and unique athmosphere in the bathroom.
Mixed objects you are free to use to develop personal projects combining different shapes, materials, colours.